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23-Nov-2016 20:31

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When hurt or deceived, Scorpio tends to hold on to that hurt and will remember it forever.

Scorpio has a tendency to hold a grudge and seek revenge.

The differences between Aries and Scorpio are significant.

Although both of them have a short temper and you lose your patience easily, Aries tends to forgive and forget much more easily than Scorpio.

That’s why Aries has to be very careful with the words they use when talking to Scorpio.

Both Aries and Scorpio have a tendency to say things they do not mean when they are angry, but that could lead to dreadful explosions.

We both felt EXTREMELY comfortable with each other (as if we’ve always known each other). I think at that point the love and respect I have for him began to disintegrate.

When these two are together, they motivate each other to excel, they push each other past each other’s comfort zones, they support each other and encourage each other. Ok so now we are in a committed relationship and both agreed to close our accounts on the dating site. By the way, the sex intensity and volume trickled down too. One night while being at his place getting ready to turn in to bed, he was behaving rather peculiar. I ultimately did, but not before he was furious that I would even get mad and explained that it was disrespectful and that I would not continue the relationship unless he cut out and all his loose ends with other women. Fast forward things seemed to be back to normal, except for the trust I had in him had been violated (would never be 100%) again. Although, never did this before, I began snooping and going into his cell phone and discovered that he has been texting not only this women still, but others throughout the duration of our (supposedly committed) relationship. Until for no reason at all the same distant, non-engaged, aloof. I let him be assuming or hoping it is just that Scorpion nature that he needs his time and space. He told me he does love me, but I needed to focus on my work and that he can’t go into it. Within 3 days of our first date we flirted with the idea of being exclusive and did it. Fast forward, about 1 ½ months into the relationship he began to act a little distant, where as we use to text each other all day that trickled down used him being busy at work as an excuse. He believes that everything is as it was and all is well. That evening I expected some communication as we normally do… We usually at least text each other good night and a luvu. He of course begged and pleaded, apologized and even opened up enough to touch my vulnerable side and tell me that his last relationship lasted 17yrs. If you want to trade your self esteem and trust against the cost of the trip, then go on this trip.

I pleaded with him to tell me why he had done this to me he kept his cool and said he had no answers. The next day we were supposed to go out of town on our first weekend trip. I told him I would be over that evening to collect my things. The next he was responding to someone that apparently doesn’t live here and was telling them about how we got a break and that the weather is wonderful and that he’s been working a lot. He then proceeded to tell me it was intended for me. If you are looking for a man who will be exclusive with you, keep looking (and ask yourself why you need to ask other people about this).

It is advised for them both to partake in physical activities together to unleash their intensity and propensity to go to extremes.