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I think Courtney Friel [Fox News Channel] is a hottie! If they put that in the contract, I would have told them about it.

There’re a lot of good-looking people doing the news. I did Playboy because it was something that I always wanted to do. Yes, I used to dress up like Santa Claus and cut down Christmas trees and yes, I used to work at a deli!

Nowadays the only thing on my mind when I hear anything about Kiss is: “Please, just stop”.

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In addition, she has had a small acting career, appearing on shows like "Sex and the City", reality show "Married in America", and "Law & Order." ANTHONY HAS GOT TO BE THE STUPIDEST, DUMBEST GUY ON THE PLANET! HE IS A DUMB ASS WHO IS AFRAID OF A REAL GIRL WHO CAN OFFER EVERYTHING A GUY COULD EVER WISH FOR! In Gene Simmons’ world, accusations come from gold-diggers, while the untapped reservoir of vaginas where he claims to live is only the result of his sexual prowess and abilities as a lover.Thanks to the internet, however, we have access to a leaked sex tape of this man, where we see him demonstrating his technique for the best part of 6 minutes: Ladies, get ready to change your panties as you witness the small dick of this sexagenerian sex-tape terrorist going into a “model”, while wearing a t-shirt and keeping his pants and underwear around his ankles and his shoes on. The 30-year-old traffic reporter for Long Island's CW11 Morning News caught the 45-year-old radio host of "The Opie & Anthony Show" with another woman in August and ended their relationship.

Apparently, she discovered his new 20-year-old girlfriend hiding in the closet when she came to visit him.

Anyway, they said they didn’t find me fit to represent Miss Long Island. I’m the one who told them to take their crown back. I thought he was a very, very nice guy and very kind and very funny. So when people ask me that question, “What was I thinking? Now I know not to be so trusting and keep my private life private. Everything happens for a reason and everything in life that you go through makes you a stronger person.