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10-Nov-2017 15:08

If you experience a complete software installation failure and a stuck device, you’ll first want to give the i Phone or i Pad some time to see if it can continue the installation on it’s own.Sometimes the software updates go slower than expected, and it may take over an hour to complete in some situations.

Older devices in particular may experience some sluggishness after installing a more recent software update.

The good news is that most battery issues with i OS 11 are related to background activity that completes itself after a software update.

Simply plugging a device in over night allows the system software to complete indexing and other tasks, and the battery should behave normally after that.

You can check for 32-bit apps and i OS app compatibility if you are not sure which apps may or may not work with the latest i OS system software.

If you are noticing apps crashing after updating to i OS 11, the first thing you should try to do is to update the apps.The popular 3D Touch multitasking gesture on i Phone was removed from the initial release of i OS 11 for some reason, but there’s good news: it will apparently be back in a future software update to i OS.