Amputee devotee dating sites

06-Jul-2016 13:01

Some don’t care about disabled people’s personality or feelings and completely objectify them.

Some just like the feeling of power they have over more vulnerable people, and when this is the case we start to get into dark territory.

Some just want to “take care of” disabled people and find the feeling of being needed or asked for help arousing.

Some get turned on by the sense that disabled people are “vulnerable” and they like to help them overcome barriers.

However most just keep it to themselves as they are worried about what other people might think.

Most devs feel ashamed or guilty for finding pleasure in other people’s misfortune.Some say they liked the uncoordinated way paraplegics or quadriplegics move their bodies.Or they like the contrast between the more muscular upper body of paraplegics and the paralysed more muscle wasted lower half.Some devs (not all of them) might take advantage of or exploit disabled people just to get sexual gratification.

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I’ve seen stories of devs taking photos or videos of disabled people without their knowledge or consent.

I was interested in why devs find people with disabilities (PWDs) attractive, as I think this is not the view of society in general. However, it’s not ALL disabled people a particular dev may find attractive, but specific types of disability.