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24-Oct-2016 12:20

What I`ve been able to get to looks nice :) I like these adventure games but sometimes it is a bit too hard to figure out the steps and you have to go thru the game multiple times to get to the good stuff. I personally thing that having to open a new tab and a window to get to the game is rather annoying.

Using mouse over tool tips is also very much a pain in this game, along with fairly slow load times due to it being an HTML based game.

Pretty good, has some good scenes, but the gameplay can get pretty tedious and if your browser cache isn`t cleared, then some events which you may have previously done will be repeated.

Still, really open ended and has some pretty hot scenes.

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One of the biggest challenges for many singles today is not knowing who's looking for a serious relationship and who's not.

Still, shows how much the developers been improving their work. Having a great deal of difficulty getting endings other than the beach.

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