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Dave Richman is about to meet Kate OMalley and his life will never be the same. Shes a forensic pathologist and mysteries are her domain. Lisas found the killer, and now shes missing too Jack OMalley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. His friend Meghan is in trouble: Stolen jewels are turning up in interesting places and shes in the middle of it.But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the lady who saw the arsonist before she pays an even higher price Rachel OMalley works disasters for a living, her specialty helping children through trauma. Stephens about to run into a night he will never forget: a kidnapping, a tornado, and a race to rescue the woman he loves. The busy physician has a pediatrics practice in Dallas, and meeting Tom Peterson, falling in love, is adding a rich layer to her life.And at a time when tensions are escalating around the Pacific Rim, the Navy is glad to have him. And he has a strong sense that life with her would never be boring. A breakup she didn't see coming, though, has her focusing all her attention on what she does best--ocean science research. Lieutenant Sharon Noble of the Riverside Police Department has worked missing person cases for seven years and shes still an optimist that people can be found. Gabriel Thane and his brothers Will and Joshua, have lived with these cases for years.Mark wants someone to come home to after sea patrols. But she may be too deep in her work to see the potential in a relationship with him. She's on the cusp of a major breakthrough, and she needs Mark Bishop's perspective and help. I couldnt write about just one Thane brother when all three have fascinating stories, so I decided to give you a family, centered around Evie and Gabriel, and let you enjoy what happens when Evie comes to Carin County. Im rejoining Lieutenant Evie Blackwell as the Illinois missing person task force begins work.But nothing else is working in his favorshes decided she is single for life, she struggles with her faith, and shes willing to forego a huge inheritance to keep her privacy.Shes not giving him much of an opening to work with.

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As the Midwest Homicide Investigator, she is called in to help on the worst of the cases, looking for answers to murder.

He wanted the vibrancy of Gods healing to be a predictable experience again. They struck a deal that would change both their lives and soon begin to reverberate across Chicago.

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