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The photo albums which I have put together contain squad photos and general pictures taken by many former CMP/RMP members.

These are LISTED UNDER, and has since become the largest single RMP collection on the www, displayed for the greater benefit of those who were proud to have been British Military Police whether officers or NCO's;male or female;national service or regular-all wore the same cap badge!

Mark Brown was following behind Dave in another vehicle when the device exploded.

I had undergone my SIB training with Dave and we were selected on the same SIB Board in 1981. The Ulster Watchdogs-Part 3, from 1984 until the end of Op 'Banner' in NI on , is presently being drafted by Maj. *TEMPORARY FOLDER FOR PHOTOS TO BE ADDED TO RESPECTIVE ALBUMS LATER: (Empty) OTHER STUFF NOTE: Some of these flashes were worn in WW2 and since.

These photos are as I received them, but resized to fit the screen where definition allows.

No photos were taken of Squads 277;328;355-Doubtful;370;443;489;501;518(Pass-out);574;670;686;705(Pass-out);7207;7314;7513(Pass-out);7604: SIMPLY CLICK HIGHLIGHTED TITLES TO OPEN ALL FILES & SQUAD PHOTO ALBUMS.

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Existing reproductions using third party software programs are far from perfect as they are around 100 KB's The originals can go to 2 MB's-you can imagine the space needed on line with third party software! WITH YOUR HELP OUR RMP PHOTO GALLERY IS KEEPING THE SPIRIT OF THE CORPS ALIVE!

The Squad Numbering System and Unofficial Nominal Roll are ongoing.