Accommodating speech mort goldman dating video

18-Mar-2017 09:05

In other words, we accommodateto others by adjusting our communicational behaviour to the requisite roles that participants are assigned in a given context.

In the present study, we will content ourselves with accommodation theory or "accommodative processes" (Giles & Coupland, 1991) in relation to identity, with a view to shedding light on the different ways in which speakers may manipulate language "to maintain integrity, distance or identity" (ibid, p. Furthermore, we will address ourselves to the reasons why low-prestige language varieties and stigmatised accents persist in a society where the use of standard speech confers prestige and power on its users.

Moreover, adapting our speech patterns (pronunciation, speech rate, content etc.) to those of our interlocutors can exert a tremendous influence on our career prospects and prestige, or even affect the judicial outcome of a trial.Accommodation theory focuses on the interactive aspects of communication and highlights its "negotiative" nature.