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You could approach them and “nicely” let them know that they are making a bad name for other dog owners or educate them on the law or the health/environmental impact.If the offender is someone who is letting their dog poop in your yard and leaving it, there are several ways I have seen people deal with this.Washing it with a non-toxic solution would cause concern because of the run off into the ocean, state officials say.Even using just water could cause problems since guano discharged into the ocean in high concentrations would be considered a pollutant.

So rather than gasping in amazement at the beautiful views, some are holding their noses from the stench coming from the droppings that cake coastal rocks and outcroppings near its business district."We've had to relocate tables inside because when people go out to the patio, some are like 'Oh my God.

Police charged a New Jersey man with animal cruelty after doing the same.

Kevin Bankston's family didn't know he had the occassional cigarette.

Google suffered a pretty big blow when an appeals court said it has to fight a huge privacy lawsuit over Street View.

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The people who brought the suit say Google violated the Wiretap Act by accessing data from private Wi-Fi networks.

On a recent afternoon, nearby tourists snapped photos of the cormorants and pelicans standing stoically on their droppings next to seals, basking in the sun."I guess it's the price you have to pay for having a locale this close to paradise," said waiter Anton Marek.

If you believe there is a God specifically dedicated to the protection or care of the group you happen to belong to, whether that group is defined by religion or race or whatever, and that your god supports your group as opposed to other groups, I don’t think you can properly be considered a true humanist.… continue reading »

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