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01-Dec-2016 13:47

Yeah I was kinda surprised in the US, I got a "burner" for about (at Walgreens, IIRC), charged it with (ok), and it barely last me 3 weeks with minimal usage. But apparently that doesn't make any difference.

When I get a contract, i disconnect and they cannot call again And what's the point of that?You can opt out of that, but legally you have to be in that by default.It's to stop people getting screwed over massively by their phone companies when they didn't know. Most cell phone plans include some number of free minutes per month (e.g.)I don't dispute this; I have similar feelings wrt the price of cell service in China (it's cheap). I'm actually only on AT&T because they scammed me via my employee. so you get instead of the /mo you were expecting.i would have gone with t-mobile. like AT&T even uses that money to give phone access to everyone one...)On cell phones.

But the parent comment was complaining about a situation that didn't make sense even in the US, and attributing it to the US. This is for the same reason as you have to pay for receiving calls while roaming internationally on cell phones - basically the difference is a historical fluke based on numbering plans and how billing are done for landline calls. And cell phone numbering is not using a separate number sequence as in most other countries (e.g.

Makes far more sense for the receiver to make up the difference.