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With a similar design to the Magnetic Massager, the Wahl Hand-E Vibrator was created to be faster, quieter, and even came with a variety of settings.

For the 1960s portion of the clip, Glamour show off the Vibra Slim sex toy, which looks like an elongated cushion made for a woman to straddle, and the Niagara Hand Unit, which was the first sex toy designed for internal use.

Research early on in the epidemic showed that 40 to 70% of men who claimed they use condoms 100% of the time in fact did not use them for every act of intercourse.

Twenty years later, 51 to 66% of women taking part in a microbicide study reported 100% condom usage at different time points during the trial, but the researchers calculated from inconsistency in their answers that the actual proportion who maintained 100% condom use was 25%.

From there, the designs appear to get smoother, more discreet and sleeker, such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, which is still a big seller today, decades after it was mass marketed in the USA in the 1970s.

Anyone who has watched Sex & the City would recognize Glamour's choice for the 1980s evolution of the vibrator: The Vibratex Rabbit.

Moral questions about condom use are not within the remit of this resource, but questions of fact are, and condoms’ ability to stop HIV is periodically questioned by people opposed to their use on religious or moral grounds.

Therefore questions of condom efficacy have to be addressed and misapprehensions corrected.

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These are based upon observations of their use in contraception: studies have shown that 98% of women relying on condoms as their sole form of contraception remain pregnancy free if condoms are used perfectly, meaning that they are used consistently and correctly at every act of sexual intercourse.

The device was one of several marketed as 'beauty aids' at the time and used by doctors to treat 'hysteria' in women.