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Instead of Marnie in bed with Hannah, it was Elijah. Margaret: I loved all of Hannah's clearly from-Anthropologie bedding. Let's go shopping." Emma: I feel like they really want to kick Marnie down and make her rebuild herself this season. The only thing I did feel bad about was Hannah not really getting back to her. The Black Republican New Boyfriend Emma: AKA Donald Glover, who is adorable. " Lori F.: I'm not sure what the best way would be, though. Emma: It's possible that he was cast for that reason, but I also think she's just friends with him and liked him for the show. Lori F.: I have to say, I found Adam far less sympathetic in this episode than I did at the end of last season. Adam was SO pathetic this episode and therefore SO unappealing. On the "Today" show the other day, she was thoroughly Shosh. It seems totally plausible that somehow things would have gotten awkward. Emma: I more noticed her snark about Hannah's weight.

Should we go in chronological order, starting with the new BF? Lori L.: I found Hannah so unlikeable this episode -- way more than Marnie. Lori L.: You know, the usual narcissism, which seemed to be even worse, especially with the Marnie stuff. Margaret: He is adorable, but I'm not sure this was the best way to deal with the criticism "Girls" has received for not having a more diverse cast. Honestly, he's charming so I don't really care either way. Margaret: I was surprised that he's not hearing that she's not into it anymore or sensing it. Emma: At this point, their entire relationship just needs to end. And as Shosh notes, he has done wonders for the apartment. Lori F.: How did Hannah not understand his French salon idea? Emma: But in "Mad Men" she's basically unrecognizable. I just loved that she stood up for herself in this scene. Lori F.: Her standing up for herself was especially self-help-y. She's much better about standing her ground than the others. "I'm not gonna do like what Hannah does and order six pizzas to make me feel better." Lori F.: I didn't notice the weight loss. Lori F.: I thought two things were interesting about this scene: 1) Marnie's mom trying to be friends and even calling her daughter prudish. I see this with so many people, mothers and daughters agreeing that they're best friends. I can't say whether it's healthy or not -- who knows?

although I have like a bunch of different hcs haha but those are the ones I'm using for this fic ^^ Enjoy ~ ! Rock n Roll: Momo, I love you, but we already have the chat Iida made with the whole class for that Froppy: Although Kaminari, Sero and Mineta tend to abuse that one Alien Queen: Remember when Mineta got kicked out of it for a week?

Class 1A Girls Defying Gravity: I decided to make a group chat for the Class 1A girls! Now we can discuss homework and all school related matters. Good times Defying Gravity: Anyways, I thought it'd be fun for us to get to know each other better and stuff!

I love writing the BNHA girls, and I had the idea for a chat fic with them ~ !

It was sort of inspired by the Class 1A group chats fic which I loved and also by the fact my sister's class made a group chat with all the girls.

I think there's a difference between being comfortable with someone and disregarding their feelings and basic civility. Lots of "where are we" conversations happening here. I want to know more about Marnie's relationship with her mom.

Emma: Me too Margaret: It would explain a lot about Marnie's character, I think.

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Something about Hannah finally being the one who has what Marnie's always had, and Marnie not being able to deal with that. Hannah is obviously selfish, but Marnie is still figuring out how to be the person who's on her own.

HBO's "Girls" is back, and with it our weekly Gchats about the show.