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17-Apr-2017 15:41

After the main shock of 20 May, inspections were underway to determine which buildings were safe to reenter.The 29 May earthquake occurred during the daytime, when many people were working.Apartment on lake Maggiore - affordable apartment on lake Maggiore with lovely lake view.Located in Oggebbio, this studio apartment with a living area includes a cellar and from the 9 sqm terrace the view of Lake Maggiore is wonderful.The 2012 Northern Italy earthquakes are two major earthquakes which occurred in Northern Italy in May 2012, causing 27 deaths and widespread damage.In Italy they are better known as 2012 Emilia earthquakes.The apartment is located on the third and last floor with elevator. The complex is equipped with tennis courts and swimming pools directly at the lake, jetty, lounge areas in use and large park.

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck the same area nine days later, on 29 May, causing an additional twenty deaths and widespread damage, particularly to buildings already weakened by the 20 May earthquake.

The earthquake of 3 June was felt throughout Northern Italy, has caused the collapse of the 18th century clock tower in Novi di Modena, already imperiled by the earthquake of recent days.